February 28, 2012
Behind the Scenes - Target

This post was meant to be a “behind the scenes” from my latest shoot with Target in Miami and Curacao… but has turned into photos of crew taking photos of beaches and palm trees! From the looks of it here, we spent the whole time hanging out and not doing any work. But, we actually did do work… 5 days of shooting, tons of models and an incredible amount of photos.

Agency: Knock
Art Directors: Carla Fahden, Victoria Prendergast, Sara Nelson
Producer: Nathan Foulger
Stylist: Sophie Colle
Hair Stylist: Tina Echeverri
Makeup Artist: Karen Pancho
Prop Stylist: Annie Goldman
Models: Paula Miranda @ Wilhelmina LA, Jeff Williams @ Q, Melissa Keller @ Q, Tish Graves @ Ford, Mario Hortis @ Mega, Sheryl Roberts @ Mega, Carly Movizio @Wilhelmina, Gary Rawle @Ford Miami, Amber Assadourian @ Wilhelmina LA, Camille Stevens @Next Miami, Ed McMahon @ Ford Chicago, Clair @ NY Models, Audrey Hollister @ Click, Hannah Tucker @ Wilhelmina, Hali Kai @ Wilhelmina, Arien @ Ford Miami, Beto Mafacini @ Next Miami, Barbara @ Ford Miami, Jonathan Keyser @ Wilhelmina, Jordan T @ Whilhelmina C, Al Simpson @ Q, Ashleigh Foster @ Ford, Georgina @ Ford, Candice @ Ford, Ana Bela @ Marilyn, Mariana @ Wilhelmina, Jing @ Muse, Sara Von Schenk @ NY Models, Mariana @ Whilhelmina.

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    I love it when people do photoshoots in Curacao. This location is very popular with tourists because of the unique...
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    Our makeup artist, Tina Echeverri in the 10th photo...& Curacao Target shoot relaxing
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